The 30 Days of Growth Experiment

Nov 15, 2021

OH BABY! BUCKLE UP! This is the start of a whole new kind of brand growth experiment Imma be doing for the next 30 days... wanna join in?

Here's the deal, for the next 30 days I'll be sharing all the stickies, fear monkeys, growth and personal evolution that happens as I embark on growing the brand visibility... primarily through energetic work. This isn't a typical growth strategy sprint... it's a month of letting you inside my personal process of moving through the stuff that comes up when I think about massive growth in brand visibility.

The party's happening over on my IG @caroline.addington_

Wanna join me in this 30 day energetic party? Come hang on Insta!

And if you wanna join the party via email, you can totally do that too!

Head over to to sign up for 30 days of growth emails 🎉

AND AND AND!! Bigger Than A Brand doors are open for one more week - I got more to say 😂

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