The ONE Thing That Makes Marketing Work // Mini Series Ep. 3

Oct 27, 2021

Marketing From Enoughness!! We made it to day 3 of the mini series where we're talking about content + marketing + good shit!!

And funny enough, when I sat down to actually record this puppy... something WAY deeper and more important came through than I was expecting 😂

We end up jamming out in this episode about the ONE thing that all successful marketers have in common.

Bc real talk, some of my clients love the structure, the systems, the strategies and frameworks...

Others love the energetics, becoming a vibe match, shining their light and letting humans get magnetized to them.

It ALL works. Otherwise there wouldn't be humans out there teaching it all, yanno?

But there is ONE thing that they all have in common that makes it all work.

And that's what today's episode is about 🦋


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