Learn the energetics of natural client magnetism

If the mainstream approach to marketing + sales feels... off to you, then hi, hello + welcome my friend to the world of marketing energetics 🧬

Marketing energetics is about understanding the frequency + the energetics that connect us with the natural magnetism we all have

It's not something to "go out there + get", nah nah nah. You are naturally incredibly magnetic to the humans you're here to work with.

So what gets in the way of that natural magnetism...?

Welp, that's what we help you clear out in this course. Come hang 🦋

Here's the juice:

What it is, why I created it, who it's for, what makes it unique?

All your Q's answered in this short lil video 🦋


What's Inside This Magical Lil Rocketship Ride...

A Living Collection

Marketing From Enoughness is a living collection of short 15-20 minute pre-recorded video trainings. Over the next 6-8 weeks, I'll be adding new mini trainings to the Marketing From Enoughness member's area for you to dive into. On average, you'll be receiving 3+ new trainings each week. All said and done, you'll have access to about 6 hours of content.

Lifetime Access

You'll have access to this library forever + ever. You can return to them over + over again, allowing them to work in your energy field over time. Just like channeled teachings, these trainings are layered + watching them several times will help you get the biggest benefit from them.

Hella Frequency Upgrades

This is a very high frequency offering. 🧬 As soon as you enter the container, the upgrades start working in your energy. You can expect quick, easeful shifts in your awareness + approach to marketing and sales 🦋 

What We'll Be Covering...

As mentioned, this is a living collection so the exact topics we'll be covering will unfold as we go 🦋 However, there are several topics I know we'll be covering + several trainings that are already waiting for you in the member's area. Topics we'll be covering include:

🧬 Next level niching energetics [for a sneak preview of this training, keep scrolling]

👽 How to unblock your creative processs and embody your natural state of highly prolific content creation

🌈 Holding sales calls that are free from emotional manipulation + convincing energies

💜 The energetics of offer development + why this is key to natural magnetism

🦋 Showing up to social media from a place of deep sovereignty and self worth

🧬And LOTS more that we'll discover together as the course unfolds


Here's a sneak peek:


Curious to know what these mini trainings are like? Here's a sneak peek into the Niching Energetics training 🧬 


Ready to step through the portal into your natural client magnetism?

3 Payments of $77

I'm Ready for Magnetism

One-Time Payment of $222

Activate Me 🧬

Natalie, IBS + Gut Coach

"No sleezy sales, just my heart pouring out to others and they actually respond to it - its magic. Before, it felt like I had this beautiful gift to give the world but I just didn't know how to deliver it.

Now, it feels like the biggest weight is lifted off, my message finally has a voice and it feels so good to let it out and help others.

Caroline is the most amazing coach, she’ll make you feel seen and understood while also gently shaping you into a higher version of yourself. Her experience and knowledge is unparalleled both in marketing strategies and soul support.

My advice to you is do not wait, get in while you can. You are in such good hands, and you’ll be forever changed."

Wendell, Creative Play Coach

"I learned how to inhabit the mindset of someone who effortlessly draws my ideal client towards me and how to tap into my unique genius to generate tons of content

[Without working together] I’d still be pushing the rock up the hill trying to figure things out on my own. Or worse I’d have wasted MORE money with coaches who couldn’t actually deliver on the results I’d been looking for. 

DO IT. DO the thing. It will change your life. You’ll be challenged but it’s worth every penny."