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Angela, Sleep Coach for Moms

Finally connecting with her audience

"Prior to joining BTAB, I was showing up on the 'gram every day with no real intention or plan in place as to why I was showing up. I was writing content based on what I wanted to write, but my posts weren't connecting with people so it just felt like an unnecessary task to do.

Now that I am so close to finishing the program, I can sit down and bang out 2 weeks of content with ease. People are finally connecting with what I'm saying.

And most importantly, I now have a strong ass strategy to attract my ideal clients without feeling icky and gross about marketing.

Without BTAB, I would still feel lost, have no idea why I'm doing what I'm doing on Instagram, and not have any confidence in promoting my services.

I have said this before, and I'm going to keep saying it. The level of support system that you get from BTAB is unlike any other programs out there. THAT alone is priceless for me.

So if you're thinking of joining the program, I cannot recommend it enough. DO IT."

Natalie, IBS Coach

Has ideal clients coming to her, no more chasing them

"After BTAB my content is night and day.

I can now craft a message that I know will land with my audience and lead them to actually take the action I want. I am so much more confident in my stories and have finally stepped into my role as an expert. Before BTAB I dabbled on instagram, never fully going for it.

BTAB has given me the exact strategies + the soul support I needed to truly step into alignment and get my business going.

I actually have DM conversations with potential clients who are coming to me, I’m not chasing them. Right now I am in the middle of launch and I am so surprised by the number of people who are interested in my program.

No sleezy sales, just my heart pouring out to others and they actually respond to it - its magic.

If I hadn’t done BTAB I would still be stuck, frustrated and dying inside.



Before, it felt like I had this beautiful gift to give the world but I just didn't know how to deliver it. Now, it feels like the biggest weight is lifted off, my message finally has a voice and it feels so good to let it out and help others.

You HAVE TO do it. Honestly, it's the best coaching program I have ever been a part of.

Caroline is the most amazing coach, she’ll make you feel seen and understood while also gently shaping you into a higher version of yourself. Her experience and knowledge is unparalleled both in marketing strategies and soul support. My advice to you is do not wait, get in while you can.

I have invested in coaching programs that are x3 the investment of BTAB and didn't get half as much value as what Caroline provides in this container. Its insane!

Not only is it the best investment you’ll make financially, the soul level support is out of this world. I grew more as a person in these last 3 months than ever before.

I am beyond grateful for this program, so if you are on the fence right now deciding if BTAB is for you I’m telling you it is, you cannot miss out.

You are in such good hands, and you’ll be forever changed. If you have a message that you know needs to be shared out into the world this is the time to sign up for BTAB."

Jillian, holistic health coach

Made back her investment with less than 1k followers

"Before joining BTAB my content and presence was inconsistent and often times felt like another thing I HAD  to do! 

Now, I view my content and the community so differently.

I have the actual tools and strategies to go from connection and community to launch.

If I hadn't done BTAB, I feel like I would still be walking around the room with the blindfold on.

Simply DO IT.

What I have learnt over the past 3 months has lead me to launch and fill my program and make back the investment 

So if you are on the fence, I promise you, you will not regret it!"

Rae, mindset coach for overachievers

Filled her program and increased engagement

"My content prior to BTAB was amazing and felt SO soul-inspired annndddd got stinking crickets, 9/10 times. I felt freaking confused and disconnected from my audience.

 I FROZE and ghosted at any time I went to sell - making my track record with launches a big ole merppppp every single time.

I feel confident in my content and EXCITED to sell now.

The tangible results that I am most stoked about in terms of business, specifically, are following through on my launch, experiencing hella engagement on stories and posts, and filling my program.

My advice is to JUST DO IT! Trust the nudge and dive into the uncertainty, overwhelm, and resistance."

Wendell, Mindset + Allyship Coach

Went from brand new coach to signing his first clients

"Before Joining BTAB I had pretty much zero online presence for my coaching business. 

I had my first tremendously successful launch after BTAB. The tangible results were getting my first 2 clients and generating a lot of buzz for what I have to offer the world, but the INTANGIBLE results were the ones that will stick with me the rest of my life.

[Without BTAB] I’d still be pushing the rock up the hill trying to figure things out on my own. Or worse I’d have wasted MORE money with coaches who couldn’t actually deliver on the results I’d been looking for. 

DO IT. DO the thing. It will change your life."

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