"BTAB honestly has been the most transformational thing in my entire life that I've ever been through..."

- Emily, Self Care Coach

"My online presence was consistent but I wasn’t getting clients from it… really. I wasn’t clear about WHO my human was and that made it effing challenging. I also realized through BTAB that I was dimming my magic and trying to be palatable. BTAB helped me OWN my unique magic, niche and gave me the permission to go full on witch. I’m most excited about the fact that I had the most ease filled launch of my life and filled my program!!! That has NEVER happened. If I hadn’t done BTAB, I would probably be doubting myself hardcore and feeling like maybe I wasn’t supped to be doing this work… I may be closer to throwing in the towel. Join this round of BTAB because if you’re really passionate about getting your work into the hearts of the humans who need it...like yesterday ya gotta."

Shadow Coach for Lightworkers

Made Back Her Investment with Less Than 1k Followers

"Before joining BTAB my content and presence was inconsistent and often times felt like another thing I HAD  to do!
There was no rhyme or reason... it felt like I was throwing mud at a wall and hoping it was going to stick. 

Now, I view my content and the community so differently. Now there is purpose and I feel like it is a beautiful opportunity to connect and share.

I have the actual tools and strategies to go from connection and community to launch.

I feel 100% equipped in having the skill set that is needed but also a deep understanding of why it's important and how it actually helps my peeps and is in full services of them.

If I hadn't done BTAB, I feel like I would still be walking around the room with the blindfold on.

Simply DO IT.



I understand fully that it is an investment. But it is one that will change the trajectory of how you run your business in the best way possible!

Caroline is an amazing coach and the wisdom that she shares in this course is soo invalueable! There is support, community, strategy, accountability and implementation.

What I have learnt over the past 3 months has lead me to launch and fill my program and make back the investment 

So if you are on the fence, I promise you, you will not regret it!"

- Jillian, Holistic Health Coach

Brittany B.

"Caroline has dramatically changed the way I show up online and in my everyday life. She has really inspired, encouraged and supported me in following my own inner compass, being true to myself, and always choosing the empowered choice. She has helped me discover and truly own my unique gifts and stop second guessing myself. This has led me to make MASSIVE inner and outer changes in my personal life and business. I have been able to step into high ticket sales with confidence and comfortability because all I have to do is connect to and show up as myself. So much magic with this woman!"

Becky F.

"When we first started working together I had no idea how much work I had to do around creating content from an empowered space. I had thought all along that's what I was doing, but after working with her, I realized that I was totally creating content from a place of fear. I'm still perfecting my craft, but my content has been so much stronger lately and I've truly been coming from a place of empowerment with everything I do. Me stepping into the next level version of myself would not be happening without her help along the way!"

Brooke A.

"Caroline has one of the kindest, yet badass souls I've ever come across. She calls you to step into your power from pure love and belief that you are whole. There were pieces of myself that I was afraid to fully own in fear of what others would think, but after one call with Caroline they've begun to ooze out of me and into my life. I'm embracing my sensuality more, speaking what's on my heart for the sake of speaking, and finally feeling incredibly excited for what's to come! She truly cares about each and every one of her clients and really takes the time to respond in a thoughtful, empowering way. I feel more myself after working with Caroline than I ever have before!"

Went From Brand New Coach to Signing His First Clients

"Before Joining BTAB I had pretty much zero online presence for my coaching business. I was just putting my toes in the water of figuring out online marketing in general.

I had my first tremendously successful launch after BTAB. The tangible results were getting my first 2 clients and generating a lot of buzz for what I have to offer the world, but the INTANGIBLE results were the ones that will stick with me the rest of my life.

I learned how to inhabit the mindset of someone who effortlessly draws my ideal client towards me and how to tap into my unique genius to generate tons of content.


[Without BTAB] I’d still be pushing the rock up the hill trying to figure things out on my own. Or worse I’d have wasted MORE money with coaches who couldn’t actually deliver on the results I’d been looking for. 

DO IT. DO the thing. It will change your life. You’ll be challenged but it’s worth every penny."

- Wendell B., Creative Play Coach

FUN FACT: Right after completing BTAB, Wendell launched his first group program + enrolled over 46 clients 🎉🎉

Filled Her Program + Increased Engagement

"My content prior to BTAB was amazing and felt SO soul-inspired annndddd got stinking crickets, 9/10 times. I felt freaking confused and disconnected from my audience.

I was great at showing up online to do mini trainings and share lifestyle content, but I FROZE and ghosted at any time I went to sell - making my track record with launches a big ole merppppp every single time.

I feel confident in my content and EXCITED to sell now. BTAB made so much intuitive sense to me. Business feel FUN and soul-led and like EASE. I feel like I took a deep breath. 

The tangible results that I am most stoked about in terms of business, specifically, are following through on my launch, experiencing hella engagement on stories and posts, and filling my program.


However, I am even more stoked about the INTERNAL shifts that happened during BTAB that influenced my ability to feel aligned, implement self-leadership af, and trust the process.

My advice is to JUST DO IT! Trust the nudge and dive into the uncertainty, overwhelm, and resistance.

BTAB is most likely the last business program I will invest in. My soul knows it’s all I need to create a sustainable business that feels aligned AF."

Hear About The Experiences of BTAB Grads

Do better with video than reading? Gotchu, boo - click play below + listen to some of our grads share their experiences!

Has ideal clients coming to her, no more chasing them

"After BTAB my content is night and day.

I can now craft a message that I know will land with my audience and lead them to actually take the action I want. I am so much more confident in my stories and have finally stepped into my role as an expert. Before BTAB I dabbled on instagram, never fully going for it.

BTAB has given me the exact strategies + the soul support I needed to truly step into alignment and get my business going.

I actually have DM conversations with potential clients who are coming to me, I’m not chasing them. Right now I am in the middle of launch and I am so surprised by the number of people who are interested in my program.

No sleezy sales, just my heart pouring out to others and they actually respond to it - its magic.


If I hadn’t done BTAB I would still be stuck, frustrated and dying inside.

Before, it felt like I had this beautiful gift to give the world but I just didn't know how to deliver it. Now, it feels like the biggest weight is lifted off, my message finally has a voice and it feels so good to let it out and help others.

You HAVE TO do it. Honestly, it's the best coaching program I have ever been a part of.

Caroline is the most amazing coach, she’ll make you feel seen and understood while also gently shaping you into a higher version of yourself. Her experience and knowledge is unparalleled both in marketing strategies and soul support. My advice to you is do not wait, get in while you can.

I have invested in coaching programs that are x3 the investment of BTAB and didn't get half as much value as what Caroline provides in this container. Its insane!

Not only is it the best investment you’ll make financially, the soul level support is out of this world. I grew more as a person in these last 3 months than ever before.

I am beyond grateful for this program, so if you are on the fence right now deciding if BTAB is for you I’m telling you it is, you cannot miss out.

You are in such good hands, and you’ll be forever changed. If you have a message that you know needs to be shared out into the world this is the time to sign up for BTAB."

- Natalie, IBS + Gut Health Coach

"Before I joined BTAB, my Instagram presence was… nonspecific, to say the least. I didn’t have a clear focus on who I was serving, nor a strong intention for how I was serving them.

Now I know exactly how to create content that is valuable, practical, and engaging for my specific audience. No more throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping I don’t make a mess!

But the biggest change, and the one I’m most excited about, is that the entire process helped me grow into a more aligned and self-assured business owner and human being. If I hadn’t joined BTAB, I likely would’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of fear and self-doubt more times than I could count.

Instead, I was able to grow and evolve in healthy, high-vibe ways - all of which ultimately gave me a foundation of deep self-trust and soul alignment moving forward.


As a veteran copywriter and long-time online business owner, I’ve seen just about every technique and tactic under the sun. What I loved about BTAB was Caroline’s commitment to integrity, service, and being true to yourself no matter what. Yes, she gives you practical tools and systems for implementation, but more importantly, she encourages you to make all of it work for you.

She has a unique way of helping you honor your soul’s strategies and desires for growth without sacrificing one iota of practical, hands-on guidance.

If you’re considering joining BTAB and your soul is giving you the nudge, do not hesitate. I promise you will get exactly what you need."

- Elizabeth D., Copywriting Coach

Busiest Month in Her Business

"Prior to joining BTAB, I was showing up on the 'gram every day with no real intention or plan in place as to why I was showing up. I was writing content based on what I wanted to write, but my posts weren't connecting with people so it just felt like an unnecessary task to do.

Now that I am so close to finishing the program, I can sit down and bang out 2 weeks of content with ease. People are finally connecting with what I'm saying.

And most importantly, I now have a strong ass strategy to attract my ideal clients without feeling icky and gross about marketing.


Without BTAB, I would still feel lost, have no idea why I'm doing what I'm doing on Instagram, and not have any confidence in promoting my services.

I have said this before, and I'm going to keep saying it. The level of support system that you get from BTAB is unlike any other programs out there. THAT alone is priceless for me.

So if you're thinking of joining the program, I cannot recommend it enough. DO IT."

FUN FACT: The month after Angela completed BTAB was her busiest month in business EVER 🎉

- Angela, Sleep Coach for Toddler Moms

Chelsea, Emotional Resilience Coach

"Prior to joining BTAB, I felt like I was drowning in the online space.

I was posting content only when I felt inspired or like I had something to say. I quickly learned that serving my clients meant that each time I wrote, I wrote for them - their struggles, their solution, their growth - using their language.

After just a few posts, I had three market research calls scheduled.

I had faith in Caroline and her methods, but DAMN! I didn’t think it would work that fast. It had been literally crickets EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I posted something online. 

Caroline was a HUGE permission slip for me - to pave my own path and to do my own things within my business.

Caroline helped to remove the ick from marketing and helped me pump new life into my business. Not only did I learn marketing strategies, but Caroline provided the space for me to create a comprehensive plan for launch.

I had done two launches prior to joining BTAB and I was just winging it - I didn’t realize just how much I craved structure until I started to build it.

If I hadn’t joined BTAB, I probably would have thrown in the towel on my business a long time ago - it was too hard, there was too much fear, and I was losing hope.

My business was in cardiac arrest and needed a defibrillator pronto. BTAB was that defibrillator.

This has hands down been the best program I’ve invested in

Caroline cares about her clients, she isn’t afraid to rub knuckles with you when you need it or give you a big energetic hug.

If you’re struggling with getting your business off the ground, don’t understand the importance of having an ideal client or niche (because “I don’t want to put myself into a box”) join BTAB! YOU WON’T REGRET IT!"

Stephanie, Mindfulness Coach

"This is by FAR the best group program I have ever been a part of!

Before joining BTAB, I was frustrated with content creation and felt like everytime I sat down to write… it was CRICKETS. 

My online presence was a rollercoaster. Somedays I was on, but most days I was stuck in a hamster wheel and didn’t even know where to start with all the ideas I had.

Fast forward after all the magic that is BTAB... I am CLEAR about who I serve and know exactly what to say when I sit down to write content!

I can knock out TWO WEEKS worth of content in one sitting with EASE. The ideas are flowing and my message has never been this clear (what up niche module!)

BTAB has given me so much confidence! I have a clear system for content creation, the market research wisdom I have been wishing for, and deep understanding of how to reach my ideal clients through my content. 

Caroline breaks down the different types of content like a true wizard. Instead of throwing stuff out there and crossing my fingers, I now have a strategy that guarantees engagement with my people!

Using Caroline’s strategies, I am filling up waitlists for my programs with ease and confidence. (enter happy tears here.)

If I hadn’t joined BTAB, I know I would still be in the same place I had been for far too long.

She did for me in 3 months what I couldn’t do alone in a YEAR. (hello, collapsing time genius!) 

If you’re on the fence about joining BTAB… get off the damn fence!

Tristan, Branding Coach

"Before working with Caroline, I hated being on social media because it made me feel like I was a) not present in my day to day life and b) unable to show myself exactly as I am. This relationship with not showing up as myself 100% of the time completely stopped me from being able to attract the EXACT type of client I wanted to work with and I was miserable in the very business I created to give myself creative free-reign. I honestly haven't experienced such a unique combination of  business strategy and soul expansion with any other coach or mentor I have worked with. 

Now I LOVE being on social media and sharing my personality and my work. The woman I am on and off screen have finally melded together and it feels so damn good! The work that Caroline guides you through in connecting to your ideal client provides a significantly deeper level of understanding. From this perspective, I connect with the people I serve on such a deep and meaningful level that my "job" feels more like soul care than it does work!

In working with Caroline, I became UNLEASHED.

I cannot recommend working with Caroline enough. She will help you get so crystal clear on who you are and what you're about that you will want to literally burn down everything in your business that doesn't drip with your personality and magic. This is an investment you deserve to make in yourself and the people you are meant to serve in this lifetime!

DO IT, your future self will thank you!"