shift // sacred business

the channeled teaching series on sacred business, social media, and holistic abundance

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An evolved approach to how we humans can do business

In the world of online business, there's some funky, outdated methods being taught + used.

There's an energy around social media, marketing, sales and abundance mindset that's just... off.

It can feel hard to put a finger on sometimes, but if you're here reading this now...

I'm guessing you feel it too and you're ready for a new way.

That's what Shift // Sacred Business is all about.

It's about tapping into a different energy that we can bring to social media, marketing, sales + holistic abundance.

A business energy that's rooted in unity, compassion, respect, and love for all.

What Shift // Sacred Business is + what it's not:

✨ Shift is a series of 10-15 audio tracks that each provide a channeled answer to a specific business question, for example:

"how can we stay present on social media as a creator? and as a consumer?"
"how can we more fully embody holistic abundance in business and life?"
"what do we need to understand to release manipulation in sales and marketing?"

Not sure what channeling is? Keep reading + I'll give more details :)

Shift is not a digital course. There are no action items or homework assignments. These audio tracks are  the work. Just like a medicine song, they are ceremoniously created to shift your juju + work on your energy for you. 

I'm not the one teaching inside Shift. These are channeled teachings, meaning that I (Caroline, hi!) tap into the wisdom of what I lovingly call my Spirit Squad for the answers to each Shift question. The Spirit Squad is a mix of:

🦋 Spirit Guides
🦋 Healed Ancestors
🦋 Animal Guides
🦋 Cosmic/Galactic Allies

who have been supporting me throughout this lifetime.

The information I have access to is influenced by my lived experience obvi, but it's not coming from my human self. The answers tend to surprise tf out of me too 😂

Who Shift // Sacred Business is + isn't for:

Shift is for online business owners who have felt a pull on your heart to do things differently... Less frantic, more calm. Less strategy, more intuition. Less forcing, more embodying. 

All types of online businesses are welcome. Healers, coaches, artists, bakers, soap makers,  you name it. Any business that uses social media to connect with your people is welcome here 🤗

Shift isn't for those seeking a blueprint. This isn't a methodology or a step-by-step blueprint to attracting clients or increasing sales. Shift is an energetic upgrade to help you embody results naturally + in your own way.

What's Inside:

Channeled Teachings

Shift // Sacred Business includes 10-15 channeled audio teachings. Each track answers a specific business question on topics including:

🔮 conscious social media
🔮 marketing without manipulation
🔮 releasing the "grasping" energy from your sales process
🔮 embodying holistic abundance in business + life

These tracks are yours to keep forever + listen to as often as you need.

Sound Healing

Each channeled teaching track is accompanied by the sound healing work of Waverly Davis, creator of Sacred Self and sound healing practitioner. Sound healing helps us to ground in + integrate the channeled teachings, facilitating a deeper + more effective energetic upgrade. Waverly uses a variety of sound healing instruments in these tracks including:

🧚🏻‍♂️ Singing crystal bowls
🧚🏻‍♂️ Koshi chimes
🧚🏻‍♂️ Ceremonial rattles + drumming
🧚🏻‍♂️ Shruti box
🧚🏻‍♂️ Chanting + singing


We'll also have a private Slack space for you to connect with like-minded, amazing humans on their own Shift journey. 

This is an unconditionally loving space for you to:

🦋 share your experiences with Shift
🦋 receive support from each other + from me
🦋 ask any questions you have
🦋 build deep, beautiful friendships with amaaazinggg humans

Pricing + Purposeful Pre-Sale:

✨ Shift has no set price point. You decide the price point that is both self-honoring + creator-honoring. 

Self-honoring meaning that it takes into account your current financial circumstance and the degree of transformation you'd like to experience.

Creator-honoring meaning that it takes into account the time, energy + resources Waverly and I have lovingly put into creating this offering for you.

✨ Purposeful Pre-Sale. Pre-Sale for Shift is ongoing from Aug. 23rd - Aug. 31st, 2021. There aren't bonuses or anything to incentivize Pre-Sale enrollment. So then why are we doing it? Here's why:

The questions that are used to generate each channeled teaching are influenced by you, the members inside Shift.

I generate these questions by feeling into the Shift collective and asking questions that are most relevant to those of you inside Shift.

Joining during Pre-Sale gives you an opportunity to add your consciousness to the collective before I tap in, so that the teachings are more personalized + tailored to your specific circumstances.


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