Showing Up When You Don't Feel Like It

Oct 14, 2021

You're busy being a full-fledged messy human, meaaannwhillleee you're tryna build this magical business up but damn if you don't feel like it...

Know those feels?

We ALL feel them, you're not alone 💜 But the "life hack" in this episode will completely shift the way you think about showing up.

We jam out on ~

- the simple, but profound, perspective shift that helps you get into creative flow when you don't feel like it
- why resistance to showing up isn't a problem, but actually part of the process
- the greatest "life hack" to generating more creative energy
- why this "life hack" also happens to create hella fucking effective transformation within YOU, the creator

Ready to see your creative process through a new lens? Tune in + enjoyy!


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