How to Release Control + Enjoy Life More

Sep 08, 2021

Alrighty fam! This is the first episode since going to a gorgeeousss plant medicine sweat lodge ceremony this past weekend + I'm sharing one of the big lessons that I learned during the experience and have been integrating since.

It's all about releasing control, being in healthy communion with life, and bringing joy + love to all that we do

Sound like something you need more of? Give er a listen, then 💜

We jam on: 

  • a fresh perspective on what it really means to release control
  • what being in communion with life has to do with releasing control
  • what it means to be in communion with life + how to practice it in your own life
  • letting go of the destination + enjoying the journey
  • holistic abundance and how to apply the concepts in this podcast to abundance
  • lots more! tune in + enjoy ✨



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